The environmentally sustainable solid cosmetics of the Solid.O Original line

The green revolution

They are the most important sustainability choice, a true revolution in the world of cosmetics and hotel services. Low impact on the environment and great respect for the natural balance of body and hair are the main features of Solid.O Original solid cosmetics, which combine the need to protect the planet with that of an innovative and high-performance cosmetic product. The shampoos, bubble baths and other cosmetic products in the line are a true conscious beauty experience that gives the gestures of the traditional beauty routine the value of an ethical choice in support of positive change for the good of all.

Nature and skin

Botanical extracts and essential oils, like notes in a delicate symphony, make up the harmony of the natural ingredients behind Solid.O Original. They dance on the skin, caress it, nourish it with the sweetest of melodies. For us, nature combines with technology, science and emotion intertwine, creating unprecedented synergies. Thus, each product becomes a promise of purity, of integrity, of effectiveness, like a hidden pact between the skin and nature.

A complete beauty routine

Solid cosmetics for the body, enriched with valuable natural ingredients to ensure clean, soft and regenerated skin every day. Solid cosmetics for hair and scalp care and treatment, to enhance their natural beauty and vitality. Solid cosmetics for shaving, for intimate hygiene and for removing make-up from the face, where delicacy and protection merge into true pampering for the skin, leaving it moisturised, soft and radiant. A true sensory journey that awakens the senses.

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