Our contribution of real sustainability: no water waste and 100% plastic free.

Water Save and Plastic Free

We make our contribution to saving the planet by offering totally plastic-free and water-waste-free products to replace traditional liquid cosmetics and thus contribute to a true ecological revolution.
The availability of drinking water on the planet is only 0.5% of total water. A NASA scientific report reminds us of this. Water is therefore an increasingly precious commodity that must be guarded with care. Choosing Solid.O Original cosmetics means making a decisive contribution to reducing waste. It is a real small revolution that translates into less exploitation of water resources, less costs, less emissions, less transport, less stored volume.

Why choose solid cosmetics?

  • Because they contain about 13% water compared to traditional liquid cosmetics which can contain up to 80% water. This means that for every 10,000 kg of finished goods transported, a solid cosmetic uses around 6,500 litres less water.
  • Because by keeping water consumption as low as possible, they considerably reduce the exploitation of water resources, resulting in less costs, fewer emissions, less transport, less pollution, less stored volume.
  • They are totally plastic-free. But that is not all. They have no glass, no aluminium, and no other packaging that requires lengthy and costly disposal processes. Solid.O Original solid cosmetics are contained in recyclable, sustainably grown paper cases.
  • Because they last longer than traditional liquid cosmetics.
  • Because they are compact, practical and easy to transport and store.

Without compromise

Solid.O Original chooses to produce environmentally sustainable PLASTIC FREE cosmetics formulated WITHOUT SILICONES, WITHOUT PARABENS, WITHOUT SLS AND PEG, WITH OVER 90% INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN.
A virtuous circle for a conscious beauty experience.

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