Transform your beauty routine in a sustainable way with Solid.O Original solid cosmetics. Change your mind!

Choose to stand out
This is our manifesto, our declaration of principles. We want to be different, to distinguish ourselves by the quality of our choices and to become spokesmen for a beauty that respects and celebrates the environment with natural and organic personal care products that are truly sustainable and made with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature.
Every choice matters
It is an echo that reminds us of the power hidden in our every little decision. Every product, every ingredient, every package carries within it the seed of a possible future, which can blossom with awareness and care. Seemingly minimal gestures, they conceal immense reverberations.
Inspired by nature
Nature is the source of our inspiration and ingredients. We innovate with respect, weaving harmony between beauty, functionality and the environment, in an embrace that respects everyone’s life without taking anything away from tomorrow.
A new eco conscious beauty
Solid.O Original is a complete line of sustainable solid cosmetics that carry within them an awareness of change. Choosing these products means deciding to leave a positive mark, a trail of beauty that does not end on the skin, but extends to the horizon of the planet, with respect and love.

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